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The OneBusiness, project Resource planning tool, Projects Management software tool for Portfolio and project management contains Project Management module in addition to other modules such as Portfolio,  Agile methodology, Budget, Risk, Procurement, Sales, Reporting and Dashboards. The Project Management module handling multiple projects have the following features:

  • Project Definition
  • Phases
  • Tasks/Sub Tasks
  • Checklists
  • Milestones
  • Project Scheduling (Gantt chart)
  • Cost Planning
  • Project Structure
  • Resource Planning
  • Cost Forecasting; and
  • Demand Forecasting

project resource planning

Projects Dashboard

Projects are visible to managers either in the Project dashboard to view as much information about multiple projects in a graphical view.project resource planningOneBusiness Application has many features, but the notably essential and most noteworthy is the project management module. First of all Project Dashboard (tabular) where users can view all the projects and access it directly rather than remembering the project numbers to open a project.

Projects Graphics

project resource planningUsers can view each project in a graphical view. Also, users will be able to navigate to the objects from this graphical display.

Project resource planning -Cost Planning: Project Management software: OneBusiness


Cost Forecasting: Project Management software: OneBusiness

Cost forecastingThe cost forecast will be useful to know the cash flow pattern of a project and combined at the program level, is helpful for the whole organisation. OneBusiness aims at providing sound project management practices through its well-designed transactions.

projects dashboard Users can create a demand forecast for a project using a single transaction. Furthermore, project team members can edit and view projection using the same operation. While the summary is displayed in the dashboard, the relevant information could be filtered for a project.projects demand forecasting The above screenshot shows the demand forecasting transaction.

Resource Planning

Project resource planning is part of project management. Please check the Project resource planning for more details please check OneBusiness.

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