Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning for Tomorrow’s Business Leaders
OneBusiness by KSA Tech was designed to provide the solutions today that will facilitate your business growth tomorrow. The improved efficiency provided by this flexible, modular system lays out your business operations right on your dashboard, making it easy to standardize, collaborate, plan, report, and scale while streamlining your various processes and saving you time and money.

Our Mission

It can be difficult to focus on growth and vision when you’re consumed by the everyday operations of your business. OneBusiness is a comprehensive ERP solution that makes your existing patchwork management systems obsolete. Its high usability saves you time in navigating the various operations and operational relationships throughout your business while its high functionality saves you money by consolidating your IT costs, improving reporting and planning, and eliminating repetitive manual processes so that your employees can focus on customer service and revenue-building tasks.
The value in One Business ERP is in its complete visibility. This dynamic system gives you and your senior management instant access to every department, every process, and all data. Experience efficiency, workflow, and control like you’ve never seen before. Check out OneBusiness for yourself to explore the customizable modular system, get a feel for the user-friendly dashboard interface, and discover just how much your business could benefit and grow with an ERP system that’s designed for your future. .

Who are We ?

We KSA Tech Consulting are a small start-up with head office in the capital territory of Australia, Canberra. We have a branch office in Chennai, India. The name of the legal entity in India is SPARKIA Tech Consulting. We have customers in India, Australia and South Africa. We are continually expanding our client base to Oman, Malaysia and Singapore.