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OneBusiness is a software tool for planning, tracking, and managing business activities in the tea manufacturing industry. We developed the software for tea factories’ inventory management, production, and sales reporting. It also features robust business management capabilities for managing receivables and payrolls. A team of tea factory owners based in India working in the tea industry provided input for this software development. OneBusiness has gained acceptance as the most preferred software for production schedules and sell their products. It is easy to learn and configure to suit the needs of any business. It is entirely web-based, you can access through any internet-enabled device, and works without installation or download requirements. The software is compatible with desktop computers and laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This software makes it very convenient for factory owners to access their work or home data. Compared to other inventory management systems, such as Excel spreadsheets, OneBusiness is much more efficient . The application allows users to create customized sales reports by month or quarter. In addition, with the ability to filter data by items, regions, brands, warehouses and employees. This feature makes it easy to gauge the overall performance of their business. In addition, you can email monthly sales reports directly to managers so they can stay informed about business performance daily.

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OneBusiness also quickly helps factories track their stock levels. Also, feasible since you store all items in various locations in the factory itself. This option makes it easy for accountants to reconcile deliveries with stock levels at the end of each month. It also eliminates the need for factory managers to keep track of multiple warehouse locations. Furthermore, the software’s cloud-based nature allows for remote monitoring by company officials if necessary. This procedure allows factory owners to focus on running their businesses without worrying about inventory management tasks.

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The user interface of OneBusiness is neat and straightforward so non-programmers can understand and modify the program’s settings. This design allows factory owners with little programming knowledge to quickly adjust settings independently without assistance from an accountant or IT professional. Factory owners can also submit custom development requests through the website if they want a different feature added to the purchased software package. This procedure makes it easy for factories to update their software with new parts or fixes when necessary- while maintaining a paperless environment and eliminating physical paper trails! Based on these advantages alone, OneBusiness tea factory software seems like a perfect solution for tea factories. However, other programs have similar benefits, like inventory control capabilities or web accessibility for Sales reports; but have different drawbacks, such as being difficult to use or requiring expensive licenses that only one or two organizations utilize correctly in a given setting. Hopefully, this information will help other business owners select an inventory system that best meets their needs! Please check our

Tea Factory Software


OneBusiness ERP: Tea factory Software

Leaf receipt Process:

Tea factory software from OneBusiness ERP has successfully implemented in Tea factories in Tamil Nadu, India. Factories receive green leaves from growers from various estates. 

A factory staff with a mobile application will enter various parameters while entering the receipt of the goods. Fresh leaves usually contain about 73-80% of moisture.

You can handle green leaf receipt using our OneBusiness ERP and or our OneBusiness mobile application.

Withering Process:

 The leaves spread on the withering tables. The staff will start the ventilation process tables from beneath. 

Factory staff allow 12to 24 hours of withering the leaves’ moisture content will go down to about 60-65%. The quality of the tea will very much depend on the withering process.

Rolling Process

Tea factory staff will feed the withered green leaves into a rolling machine. – 

What is a Rolling Process?

Is the process of twisting and rupturing green leaves to expose more surface area for bringing out the juices to the surface of the leaf. 

Rolling is done for approximately about 30 to 40 minutes.

A mesh will separate unrolled leaf for recycling. The rolled leaf will enter the fermentation process.

How much pressure do we need for this process?

The experienced staff will fix around 2 to 3 bar of pressure and 30 to 60 minutes to realise great results.


The fermenting process will take 2 to 6 hrs. The transition of black tea will develop its new flavour and aroma. The original bitter taste will vanish as a result of the fermentation.


The most critical step in tea manufacturing is drying tea leaves. 

We have to be careful in this step to stop spoiling the whole production lot. The drying temperature would be around 90 to 95. The residence time and the temperature will bring down the moisture content to 3 to 4 %.

The hot conveyor belt speed will determine the residence time.

Sorting Process:

 Factories use Taylor mechanical sieves to sort the tea according to different leaf grades. 

The complete production can be handled by OneBusiness production module.

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Tea factory software Integration scenario:

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