Project resource costs and control


Project Resource Planning

Project resource costs management in an organisation plays a vital role in assisting the processes involved in managing the resources that are being utilised for a project. In case, if you have a massive project, it is highly significant that you know the different ways and techniques in dealing with the same. The utilisation of the right project resource management tool can facilitate in smoothly managing your project.

What is Project Cost Management?

In project management, the role of cost management is significant. It helps in proper planning, its provision and control of the budget for a specific project. In project management, the project resource costs, and its management can be best handled by a skilled project manager. The best planning of project cost management makes sure that the business does not go beyond their budget, thus, maximising productivity. The whole process entails a lot of project resource cost evaluations, cost-tracking progress, and including the incorporation of project cost management software.

Accurate Resource Planning

The resource planning that has been done accurately can assist the project manager find out how much equipment, raw material and costs are involved in the project. At this stage, the project manager would be able to determine at all the physical resources needed for implementing the plan. The best way to achieve this is by having a consultation with skilled associations and members of the entire project team to generate a workflow structure. This will further help in the classification of modules of the project that would involve specific resources.

Project Cost Assessment

This engages developing an estimated value of the cost of resources for running the entire project. The method involves classifying and looking at different cost alternatives to make more revenue for the company. At this phase, the project manager would find out the resource prerequisites, the extent of activities, details from earlier similar projects, and resource costing. The other things involved are the distribution of cost estimates, project plan, and managing project management during the entire project.

Cost Control Alternatives

The progression of cost control engages in tracking and determining financial inconsistencies from the cost baseline. These alterations could be as a consequence of an increase in the rates quoted by the supplier. The late introduction of more intelligent software into the market, and its non-availability during the resource planning phase might have occurred at the different project phases.

Project Cost Management Software

In case, if you are looking for the best project cost management software, they should choose a cloud-based project management solution. You should be able to select any of the cloud-based software, considering your budget that can be either worldwide or specific per task. It helps put all elements essential for project cost tracking and project budget management for your organisation.

Beneficial Tips to Estimate and Track Cost of a Project

One of the tasks that are believed to be daunting to many project managers is tracking the project cost and keeping it lower than project expenses. This is an ongoing activity that must begin at the start of the planning phase and stay throughout the life cycle of the project. Successful tracking of project costs includes a planning system that commences in the early development stages. There are some important tips that help in tracking and estimating costs to execute cost tracking in a precise and orderly manner.

What does estimating and tracking of project resource costs involved?

Tracking costs include estimation of budgets, measuring results, establishing controls, continuous communication and updating forecasts. You will find a lot of project management tools that will enable qualified expenses tracking in a project. It has sophisticated and simplified reporting features that assist in knowing the status of the project at a glance.

Pre-Planning of project resource costs

Cost tracking includes the examination of every phase of the project along with the essential resources. This planning involves software, hardware, and materials. A project manager comprises considering all labour costs to get a well-planned idea of the projected budget.

Approximating Budgets

Once stakeholders formally signed off the estimated cost, a team can make an initial investment of money. This amount will be considered as a baseline budget. It will be the amount a project manager going to have in his hands at the beginning of the project.

Project schedule and resource plan, both will help in determining the monthly expense of operating the project. The predicted monthly expenditure has to be openly documented for the team so that every member is on the same page.

Establishing Cost Controls

You need to identify the areas where the money is invested. This knowledge will help in protecting it and ensuring its rightful use. Establishing proper cost control measures help to equip team members with the feature to give sign off and permission on certain things. Different kinds of expenditures may need different types of signatures. Cost controls are determined for below items:

  • Timesheets
  • Labour approval
  • Vendor invoices
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Materials and
  • Additional expenses

Tracking Costs

To track something, you need to perform the following activities to keep moving forward

  • record and track every process
  • make essential adjustments to the resources and budget

It enables a team to manage a project effectively. Encourage team members when activities are performed in order and inspire them when the team needs to move forward.

Measuring Results

When the reporting period is ending, it is required to compute metrics. Measure how much finances are spent on the project versus what has been the planned rate of spending. There will not be much difference expected if a team has performed adequate pre-planning. Project reports need to include cost metrics and other analytics to explain tracking of cost.


Budget overruns is a nightmare to a project manager. The inclusion of these tips and tasks would make an impactful execution of the project that would yield a rewarding outcome.

Project management is vital for project managers in planning, managing, organising, and realising the business goals within the expected cost. The project management software maintains managers productive and facilitates them in having a good relationship with their business associates. It is a method that makes sure that a project would be finished within the agreed time limit and the budget allocated.