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Tea Factory Mobile App

Like many other industries, the Tea estate business also seeks an organized workflow, Improved productivity and most importantly, clear visibility over the entire business process. IT services have penetrated this industry to add more value, but unfortunately, that is still inadequate. There are many tea estates or businesses in India that rely on pen-and-paper for their paperwork. And almost 90% of the tea-estates who are upgraded to computer-based systems are using legacy systems, which cannot get synchronized in real-time, and thus fail to facilitate productivity through automation! The positive part of the above fact is that you are yet to uncover the most profitable version of it if you are managing a tea estate business! Contact Open business for a cloud-based real-time ERP solution for your Tea estate business and enjoy much-improved Workflow and production!

Tea factory Mobile App
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Download our application from the play store. Then open the application in which we can see a tab that suggests we enter the URL of our company; please enter the URL to validate, and it will lead us to the next page for further assistance.

Tea factory Mobile App- Login

Entering a specific company or branch URL leads to a page where we need to enter the user id and password. We can add several users to our oneBusiness ERP. Every user will have access to this app to check the backend system information on the move. The mobile app will allow only those users who are in your production system.

Tea factory Mobile App-Login

In the screen shown beside, you enter your user id and the password to enter into the mobile application. The user should exist in the system to use this app. Please contact your administrator to ensure that the user invitation is sent and you successfully register to the OneBusness ERP.

Tea factory Mobile App- Dashboard

The dashboard will display Raw material Report, Production Report, Warehouse report and Sales report. This page is the home page of the mobile application. In addition, you can see two icons at the bottom of the screen. They are the green leaf’s goods receipt transaction link, and the offline mode data sync link.

Tea factory Mobile App-Purchase Leaf

In this module we can select the company in which we are going to purchase for our production and manufacturing tea, so enter the company code, vendor details and purchase order. Then select the agent of the tea factory and grower  and provide the rest of the details to make leaf purchase.

Tea factory Mobile App-Sync data

The tea factory mobile app can sync the data of the company in the Sync Company Information so that we can have details about the company we purchase and will be easy to check when ever we need.

We can sync purchase data info to in the module and have a date to date updates on the daily or weekly purchases done.

Sync goods received option helps to maintain the data of our goods we received up to date


Tea factory Mobile App-Raw Material Report

In raw material report we can check the purchase of raw materials we did from entering the dates in which the transactions happened. So when we check on the last week data by entering the dates we will get a follow up datas where it clearly states how much purchase we did during the dates we entered.

Tea factory Mobile App-Production Report

We consider the cost of production report a key report because it provides the stakeholders with the critical information about production and immediate actions for the management: It helps them to plan sale and keep up the promise to the customers.

Tea factory Mobile App- Report display

In production report we can enter and search for the materials we produced up to date. It provides additional details such as company code, Plant and warehouse details.

Tea factory-Sales Report

A real-time sales dashboard is a boon to any manager to make an informed decision. The report can be filtered to your convenience. It also provides information about Sales order number,customer details, company code and amount.

Ware House Stock report

The warehouse stock report will display the stocks with various company codes, plants, warehouses and product details.

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