Project Scheduling


Gantt Chart

Project scheduling software: These are specific rules that help project managers to avoid issues when using software based on “work breakdown structure” for project management. Ignoring these rules can cause problems in the management of the project in a highly visible web environment.

Don’t set several deadlines on tasks

All projects have their deadlines. Scheduling them before defining all the work makes the entire process very difficult. Without a proper definition of the WBS or work breakdown structure, there is no value of deadlines and timesheet.

Do not use a lot of date restrictions on tasks

When a change in the schedule occurs, you would need to edit every operation with such constraints. It will require a lot of manual labour. It is advised to use creative scheduling technique.

Not more than one task should be inputted without a predecessor

A task without any predecessor has to be the beginning of the project. Any operation that does not seem to have a predecessor has to be the first task. Here only the simple tasks are considered and not the summary tasks without any successors and predecessors.

Don’t create successor or task relationships between task and summary

Creation of successor or predecessor task relationships can cause problems with the progress of work. It can also lead to changes in an inevitable project schedule. The best project planning software based on “work-based structure” that has dependencies among summary operations is not advised as the workable strategy.

Don’t assign funds to summary tasks

Summary task projects compute “the extent of effort” work to the allocated resource. Only highly experienced project managers with ample exposure to dealing with “the extent of effort” uses this feature.

Include at least one project task without any successor

A project requires a closing task for its efficient accomplishment. This would be the summary task that does not like a successor. All project tasks that are assigned to resources are allocated a time limit. As one does not know how much time it will take to execute the task, the best strategy is to have some task to have zero work value.

Project scheduling software: Advantages 

The right project scheduling software for business won’t just assist in the quick completion of the projects, but also in a very systematic manner. Following are the benefits offered by this software.

On using project management software, it becomes easy for the entire team to collaborate on large sized projects. This allows all team members to share documents, duration, billing and status updates. This helps them know at which level is the team member, how much work is completed, how much is remaining etc.

There are several different kinds of project management solution packages that one can use. The most popular one is a web-based application that allows it to be accessed from anywhere, provided one has internet connectivity.


Not using project management software can require you to do a lot of unnecessary work. Investment in this software and its implementation in a way mentioned above ensure time-saving and profit to a business.