OneBusiness-Risk Management


Risk Management using OneBusiness


ONEBUSINESS offers an integrated Portfolio to payment software solution based on PHP Laravel technology. Customers can choose between cloud-based or on-premise solution. The user-friendly and easy to navigate application can manage Portfolio, Projects, Agile methodology, budget, timesheets, project risks, procurement, sales orders and reports /Dashboards.

Let us see its one of the significant feature called “Project Risk Management “in this blog. It has three elements namely • Risk register • Quantitative risk • ualitative risk

Risk Register

The risk register is a dashboard displaying all the projects and their associated risks. The overview information will present information such as risk category, risk ID, project ID, status and risk score. Users can view/edit/delete risks in the risk dashboard. 

 Users can view and filter risks in a consolidated dashboard. Users can create both risks from this panel.

Quantitative Risk

Based on the estimated loss, the system will calculate the risk score. Users will be able to maintain and track the status and mitigation plan

Qualitative Risk

Risk editBased on the likelihood and consequences the risk score will be automatically calculated. A risk always associated with a project. A project can have multiple risks and risk category. Users can maintain and track risk mitigation plan in the above screen. You can find additional reports for the risk management as part of the reporting module of ONEBUSINESS. Please visit

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