Artificial Intelligence

What Is the Role of Artificial Intelligence in IT Industries Future?
Artificial Intelligence

Many people relate Artificial Intelligence solely to robotics. When we say that Artificial Intelligence will become the future of IT industries, we don’t mean that the robots are going to take over our planet.

Although AI is an integral part of robotics, it has more to do with the collection and analysis of big data. AI analyses big volumes of data and makes customized suggestions and forecasts to the users.

Replacing the repetitive and tedious human tasks:

With CRM being used by most companies and organizations, a lot of data is being created on an everyday basis. You can imagine the kind of data that gets collected in e-Commerce sites, which have thousands of active members. It will be a mammoth task to analyze such huge volumes of big-data. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

AI can be used in so many different ways. For example, it can be used in Airports for strengthening security. Similarly, the retail and wholesale business can use the data for increasing their client-base, and also for improving the processes within the companies. AI can become a handy tool for streaming the HR and procurement processes too.

Not only does it save a lot of time, it simply eliminates the chances of human errors too. Robots might not (but you never know) replace human beings, but AI has the capability of replacing humans in the job race. Some studies indicate that 85% of human jobs in customer relationships can be done by machines in 2020, all thanks to the AI.

Improving client services, and bringing about affordability in operations:

When the systems are integrated with AI, the client’s services can be improved. Companies can achieve complete automation on tasks like responding to calls and emails, engaging on social media sites through chatbots, etc. In addition to helping the business achieve better customer satisfaction, it also helps them in saving a lot of money.

These days, more and more IT companies are relying on their CRM and AI integration for managing their clients better. You will need big task-force for managing the questions and concerns of your customers, in a real-time manner. Now with AI tools like the chatbots, such tasks of business can be handled in a much faster and easier manner.

Timely assistance of customers will only help businesses in improving their customer satisfaction, thereby leading to customer loyalty for life.

Increasing sales and business revenues:

AI has been used quite effectively in eCommerce stores because it can identify your preferences and actions while using those sites. When you log in to your eCommerce account, you will notice that the website recommends the products related to your previous searches and site navigation. It will even identify the related products and suggest them to you. Here the AI helps e-commerce businesses in selling more products from their platform. ERP and project management like are implementing AI reports to suggest resource assignment.

Going by the above-mentioned facts, we can clearly see that, artificial intelligence is indeed the future for businesses that rely on IT platform for connecting and engaging with their clients or customers. As a matter of fact, deployment of the AE in IT industries and many other business sectors have already started.