OneBusiness Warehouse Management

Gain full control of your warehouse inventory.

With OneBusiness’ Warehouse Management system, you’ll have full control of your warehouse inventory. This cloud-based system makes it easy to manage your stock and keep track of all warehouse details. Plus, our WMS can be used in conjunction with our procurement software to help streamline your business operations.

OneBusiness Warehouse Management is the perfect solution for businesses that need to streamline their warehouse operations. With OneBusiness WMS, you’ll have everything you need to manage your warehouses effectively and efficiently, from goods receipt to sales operations. Plus, our mobile app makes it easy to stay on top of your inventory wherever you are. Give OneBusiness WMS a try today and see how much easier your warehouse operations can be!

Storage Location

Use OneBusiness to define a Storage Location, a place within a plant where materials (i.e. raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products) are stored.

Typical hierarchy:Company code (Multiple) ⇒ Plant (Multiple) ⇒ Storage Location (Multiple) ⇒ Storage Section ⇒ Storage Bins (Multiple).

A plant can have multiple storage locations.

Warehouse number

You can define Warehouse numbers in the system.

You can define Warehouse Numbers in the system. This can be done with a company code, plant and storage location. Additionally, you’ll have an option to add Storage Type for a Warehouse.

Storage Sections

Define a storage section with a company code, plant and warehouse number. You’ll have an option to add Storage Type for a Warehouse.

Storage Bins

You will define a storage bin with a company code, plant, Warehouse number and Storage section.

Warehouse Hierarchy

Daily manage functions include:

Goods Receipt: During a goods receipt transaction for a purchase order user can record the warehouse details.

Our software is designed to help you implement, set up goals, and align your operations so you can get real-time data. With our warehouse software, you can quickly determine the most efficient use of space and labour to maximize the wastage of available resources. Plus, our programs help manage stock levels, increase production efficiency, track sales orders, and handle inventory control so you can improve customer service and profits.

Our comprehensive ERP system for warehouses contains everything you need to track inventory, manage resources, and keep your business running smoothly. With data integration, reporting, and scheduling capabilities, as well as inventory control, material management, and quality assurance features, you can’t go wrong with this top-of-the-line warehouse management system. Keep your business on track with OneBusiness Warehouse Management!,