Plantation Payroll

At the heart of our tea plantation’s efficient management lies the seamless integration of OneBusiness ERP, streamlining our payroll processes with unparalleled precision and ease. With OneBusiness, our payroll system has become a model of efficiency, automating calculations and ensuring timely disbursement of wages to our hardworking tea plantation workforce. The ERP’s user-friendly interface facilitates effortless data input and management, allowing us to maintain accurate records of attendance, leaves, and bonus distributions. OneBusiness ERP optimises payroll operations and enhances overall organisational productivity, empowering us to focus on cultivating the finest tea leaves while ensuring fair and timely compensation for our dedicated workers

Plantation Leave management and weighment controls.

Managing leave requests and weighing transactions for our diligent plantation workers has been transformed through implementing OneBusiness ERP. The software’s intuitive leave management module enables seamless tracking of employee absences, ensuring efficient scheduling and adequate workforce planning. Additionally, the system has revolutionized weighing transactions, providing a transparent and accurate record of the harvested tea leaves. With OneBusiness ERP, the weighing process is streamlined, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing overall operational transparency. This integrated approach not only simplifies administrative tasks but also fosters a harmonious work environment, allowing us to prioritize the well-being of our plantation workers while maintaining precise records of their contributions to the tea harvesting process.

The plantation module within OneBusiness ERP incorporates a comprehensive reporting section featuring standard attendance by work reports, crop reports, pay slips reports, harvest data reports, migrant worker reports, attendance reports, attendance code reports, and rubber field reports. This robust suite of reports ensures a thorough and organized overview of various aspects of the plantation, facilitating efficient management and decision-making processes.

The plantation module of OneBusiness ERP categorizes various activities using data uploaded from the weighing machine files. This section proves invaluable for concentrating on essential plantation activities, providing a targeted and efficient approach to managing critical aspects of the plantation operations.