OneBusiness Time Management Tool

Make the most of your time

Time management is an essential aspect of any business. OneBusiness’ Time Management module ensures that your team makes the most of their time by capturing all the activities they engage in while working on a project. As a result, you can keep track of everyone’s progress and optimize your resources to get the best results.

OneBusiness Time Management module integrates with the Project Management, Plant Maintenance, and Production Planning modules. It helps you capture the time spent on various activities by team members so that you can better utilize your resources.

With this module, you can easily monitor your team’s progress and ensure that everyone is working efficiently.

Why capture and track time spent?

The Employee Master sub-module is a prerequisite for employees to enter timesheets. In addition, resource Planning in the Projects, Operation Order, Production Order, and Plant Maintenance modules are also prerequisites for timesheet entry.

View and approve working hours with ease

With the calendar view launched, users can select specific dates (current or past) to enter time against a project. Users can also copy data from existing timesheet entries.

Users can view timesheets in detail after selecting specific dates.

The timesheet module follows the standard email workflow approval process. Plus, users with proper authorization can view the timesheet cost information under Project Management reports. Keep your business running smoothly with OneBusiness Time Management!