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OneBusiness Time Management
 module is an important module to work with project management, Plant maintenance, operation order and Production planning.

OneBusiness Time Management use is to capture the time spent on various project activities by team members. An organisation can excel well only if it can handle the resource efficiently to convert into a project deliverable.

We must capture the actual effort spent for the following reasons:

1. Track the expenditure against plan and budget,
2. To use this data for billing clients accurately,
3. To use this data for future quotations as a reference,
4. To manage the resource utilisation across the organisation and
5. To plan resource recruitment based on each person’s capacity utilisation.

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Employee Master sub-module is a pre-requisite for an employee to enter timesheet. Also, resource planning in projects, Operation order, Production order and plant maintenance are pre-requisite for timesheet entry.

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Time Management:

This transaction will launch the calendar view. Users can select a current date or previous dates to enter time against a project. Users can copy entire week from another existing timesheet entry.

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Users can see the above timesheet entry detail view after clicking on a particular date.

OneBusiness Timesheet module follows standard e-mail workflow approval process. Users need to maintain the approver’s list. After timesheet approval users with proper authorisation can view the timesheet cost information. Users can view the percentage of resource cost in a particular project under the project management reports.

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