Review Management

OneBusiness offers you the right tool to achieve your business growth by providing you with better services and create more engagement while turning your online prospects into lifelong customers. We give you the right information to create an interaction with your customers to enhance your brand value. We’ll give you the right path to success.

OneBusiness Can Create Review Requests To Customers Via Email, SMS and WhatsApp

OneBusiness will allow you to create the right template for high conversions. We offer to hire our HTML developers to develop a template to review the request module.

What are the advantages of Review Management Software? Check below

  1. It helps you to increase your engagement with your customers
  2. It helps in boosting your company’s reputation
  3. Helps in improving the local SEO

Review Management Software Can Save Time

As a business owner, the only aim you have is to save your time to focus on your core activities. We offer you software to manage all your reviews on a single platform.

We make it possible to enhance your customer experience with an honest and useful conversation to enhance the consumer experience. Giving your customer a fantastic experience leads to excellent reviews. If your customers are sending bad reviews, then it’s terrible for your business reputation. Bad reviews will always send wrong and negative reviews.

OneBusiness has the right knowledge and experience to address your concerns and problems. How?

We will send your customer a review request after using your products or services. You can instantly answer their questions and resolve their issues. You can promptly remind your customers to send a review to your customer.

We use Artificial Intelligence software to divert your customer from your review page to Google. With our application’s help, you can easily copy the review on your website and paste it directly to Google Business Page.

The best part about our application is that you can quickly view Google Business page reviews. Our application has an appointment management system that allows you to post and view reviews easily.

OneBusiness software will help you answer your customer’s questions; you can also collect reviews and get feedback on the same platform. Our platform will combine all your customer interactions into a single dashboard to save your time.

Review Management Tool Helps Improve Your Reputation

Gone are those days when verbal recommendations were popular. Time has changed now; customers read reviews of every single thing before making any final choice. If the customer sees five-star ratings, then their search ends there. With our Review Management Tool’s help, you can add more than one customer to your customer master list.

Reviews Boost Your Organization’s Prominence

OneBusiness offers you a Review Management tool to collect good reviews for more insightful feedback. Our software helps a local business like a plumber, handymen, blacksmiths, food delivery business, and lots more to boost their ratings.

How does it help in local SEO? As you know that the local SEO will consider the vicinity. So, with good reviews, you can quickly improve your local SEO and ensure Google sees you as a real business. If your reviews are low, you can’t improve your local SEO and, you can’t find the growth for your business that you are looking for.

Read Customer Reviews

Whether you have a well-designed website, attractive store, and mindblowing sales pitch will never convince or equate to the quality of the product you are selling. Instead of relying on your website, you must see what your customer thinks about your business. With customer reviews, you can get customer remarks after using your service or products.

Make a list of items that your customers have mentioned in the review section. What advantages and disadvantages do your customers have said? What your customers are thinking about your website design, and how easy is it to use? The Review Management Software you are using should rate you a five-star.

Customers’ reviews are honest and straightforward, so you need to be very careful while using Review Management Software. You can also check Google and Facebook to get access to hundreds and thousands of reviews.

Look Expert Reviews

If you are not in a position to choose the right review management, then you can consult an expert. You can take the help of different articles that gives you tips to consider the best software for review management.

Check whether the industry experts have a positive outlook for the company, and will your type of business be around in a year or two?

Customers can tell you if the products work for you right now, and experts can tell whether your products or services will continue for years to come.

Websites like Capterra and G2Crowd will give insight knowledge about what each platform offers. These websites will provide you with detailed information about features two necessary features, “Easy to Use” and “Value of Money”. You need to go for the one that gives you extended time benefits and advantages.

Compare Features

If you choose Capterra, it offers more than just customer reviews. Capterra also offers you a side-by-side comparison that will help you to choose the best. However, different review management software has a wide range of features, so you need to find the one that suits you the best.

Everyone’s has different requirements, but there are some standard reusable features that you can use for your business. What are they? Check out below


It would help if you found a clean and super easy dashboard. Indeed, you can’t spend too much time just understanding the dashboard. You find to find a dashboard that displays only the essential information on the main page. A clean and neat dashboard will make it quickly navigate throughout the platform.

There is various software that has multiple tools and features but without a dashboard. So, try to find a dashboard that makes it easy to navigate the software.


Having good reviews on your website is very important for your business reputation. One-star reviews can ruin your business reputation within a second. If you are trying to improve your products and services, make sure that you strengthen your feedbacks.

However, there’s a lot of review management system that doesn’t allow you to gather feedback.


Going ahead of your competition is your top priority. You need to make sure that you rank among your competitors. There is various review management software that can collect and analyze competitor’s ranking.

Analytics will help you to access the information about the bad and good reviews among the various platforms. It will help you to improve your services and products and stay ahead of your competitors.

Multi-Channel Collection and Filtering

There are plenty of online review sites to find reviews like Google, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, and lots more. Only the best Review Management Software will help you collect authentic reviews from as many of them as possible.

Once you get all your reviews on one platform, it would be easy for you to filter and respond accordingly. By getting the response, you can improve your products and services.

Unified Inbox

A unified inbox will allow you to see all your messages from the different channels on a single platform. It will make your communication quick and seamless with your customers. Once the communication process is easy, you can interact with your customer in a better way.

Look At The Results

The first and foremost important thing to check is the evidence they offer for that claim. If you want to check your customer review management software, you can check real-world examples or case studies.

If the studies and claims are right, you have finally found the right software.