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Point of Sale

In this century, where technology is everything, POS is a smart business strategy that keeps you updated about sales transactions and inventory. With the help of Point of Sale, you can perform better among your competitors. Just like any other business, you want to win the heart of your customers by giving them a fantastic store experience.

Point of Sale (POS) is a system where any retailer can spot a customer making a payment for the goods and services offered by your company. This POS is a beautiful system that enables transactions between the clients and the company. This POS is a computerized network that consists of the web application which we can connect with computers for the checkout terminal. How does it work? It is further supported by different hardware like a barcode scanner and card payment terminal to make the payment method easy and straightforward.

There are many businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes who have their very own specialty, and they need a system that can meet their specific requirements. POS lets the restaurant owners an opportunity to customize their special events and add amazing offers on it. Having a reliable point of sale (POS) can give you long term benefits by making sure all the operations run smoothly and quickly. It is a platform where all the sales, customer management, and inventory merge thus, letting your business run smoothly.

POS can generate detailed sales reports which will report on products, employees, cost of items sold, and lots more. With the help of this system, you can quickly get a chart of your store performance. POS lets you make some smart business decisions.


In OneBusiness ERP, you will get a smooth and easy POS where you can handle your sales and inventory very easily. Our system will let you know your sales transactions, inventory reports, order dispatch information, and lots more.

Some Major Advantages of Using POS

Nobody wants to wait in a queue when the technology is growing so fast. With the help of POS, you can synchronize between the devices integrated like barcode scanner, printers, and card swiper. This OneBusiness POS will let your transaction process work faster and smoother.

Shoppers can know the loyalty programs running in your store. The process of managing and spending reward points makes it easy and convenient for the shopper. With a few clicks, you can get the total amount on the screen. This software will also reduce the mistakes and confusion of the retail owners and staff. With the help of this system, shoppers can have fantastic shopping experiences in no time.

Your staff doesn’t need to memorize every price and the name of the products anymore. With the help of POS, you can get the thumbnail images of all the products on the screen. Your staff can easily add anything to the cart with the smart categories helping them identify the items that they want.

With the help of POS, you can check the stock of products. Now, the staff doesn’t need to view manually every product in the inventory. This system saves your time by controlling the supply for your stores.

POS automatically exacts all the statements of the store transaction and other valuable details. With the help of these reports, you can get an overview of your business performance, and you can plan your strategy according to that. With the use of the reports, you can show the common sales trend and identify the areas of unnecessary overspending by the store manager.

With POS, you can get inventory updates in no time. This system eliminates all the time-consuming steps in just a fraction of seconds. So, this lets you manage your inventory where you can make some smart business decisions.

POS manages your check out the process smoothly. How? With the help of a barcode scanner, you can get all the information on the screen. Even the cashier can access customer data in a blink of an eye which lets the whole process run very fastly and smoothly.

With OneBusiness ERP, you will get the following benefits for using POS