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The most important factors determining whether clients return to your online store are ease of use and the presence of user-friendly features.

The online store’s layout, color, user interface design and Usability testing is essential for finding problems and making improvements to your online store. OneBusiness have engaged UX designers for improvement of the software product, especially the online store.

OneBusiness cloud ERP, a best ERP India and Best ERP Australia used heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, and user testing for this purpose. OneBusiness ERP, an ERP with online stores on the AWS cloud, has many customers in Australia, India and South Africa.

Recent pandemic around the globe has triggered a boost to marketing around the digital environment. Online reviews and customer feedback play a significant role in customer’s buying behavior. They may not be manipulated and guided by the brand and firm when they make a buying decision. Only the compelling content and product description influences the buying behavior of customers in general. The online store should be mobile-friendly, and it is a must to have a trust seal to win the confidence of a buyer in the online world.

An interactive platform for an online store with a chatbot may influence and speed up customer decision making. The customer considers switching between e-commerce platform, mainly because of the comparison with offline shopping.

Five main factors may influence people to make the buying decision,

OneBusiness Online store with ERP will have all of the above five features to support your online store. Online retailers have placed much emphasis on customer trust aspect; trust is another way of driving customer’s behavior in the digital environment. Users can use the OneBusiness ERP with online stores cart to hold the material for later ordering. A “Buy Now ” action will allow the customer to proceed to the next activity. Customers will use a credit card or a PayPal account to make payments. However, OneBusiness allow users to buy on Cash on Delivery method.

Product delivery

Once payment you accept payment, OneBusiness ERP records the information for the product dispatch. You can arrange for shipping of the product.

OneBusiness Store

OneBusiness store, an ERP with online stores, allows its customers to sign up for an online account. It helps to maintain the permanent address details for subsequent orders. Also, users can track their previous orders online. For digital items, you can provide a safe downloading procedure or send the download link to the customer’s registered email address. It is advisable to use two-factor authentications for such process.