Inventory Management

OneBusiness Inventory Management


OneBusiness ERP Inventory management can be a huge undertaking when done manually. It will take hundreds of hours and effort out from a single employee. On top of that, there is a high risk of committing mistakes because of its demanding and complex procedures. Hence say goodbye to the standalone inventory management system and excel sheets.
You will know if your inventory management system is not doing enough when you are experiencing the following issues:

● Inadequate Forecasting
Is your inventory management system telling you that you have enough stocks, but the reality is that you are running low? If it does, then you have a problem regarding stock-outs.

Stock-outs is the term used to describe the shortage in Inventory. This action can result in both poor forecasting and inaccurate real-time data. This action can also decrease your purchasing department’s efficiency because they have insufficient and unreliable information that will help them determine when to make a purchase.

Furthermore, problems with stock out can also cause significant fulfilment delays. This stock-out can result in customer relationship issues, cancellations, and missed sales opportunities.

● Labor Intensive and Erroneous Data Entry
No matter how well-trained and hardworking your inventory employees are, they are only humans who are bound to commit errors. This situation is significantly more true when it comes to data entry. The problem is that these mistakes, whether big or small, can cost you substantially. It can also significantly affect your reputation and relationship with current and potential customers.

● Misplaced Inventory
Misplaced Inventory is also another infuriating inventory management problem, especially for those who have a manual system. The lack of automation can make it challenging to keep up with all the necessary information needed to keep track of products. This status can result in production delays and delayed fulfilment that will make customers very unhappy.

Are you ready to get the woes of inventory management over and done with?

OneBusiness ERP is the perfect solution for you. OneBusiness is a management tool that allows customization for your Business. Yes, it has inventory management features as well.

Here are the inventory management benefits that you will get from One Business:

● Real-time data
Real-time data is integral in inventory management. This feature enables you to assess whether you have enough stocks to supply consumers’ demand or if you need to order or increase production. Without these data, you can lose out on sales opportunities and better customer relationships.

● Comprehensive Inventory Reports and Forecasting
Reports and forecasting from an inventory management system are not only used for a single department. It is also essential for the warehouse management team, accounting, sales, marketing, and production departments of a company.

OneBusiness application understands this necessity; hence it has ensured that the application will generate accurate inventory reports and forecasts. OneBusiness will simplify the reports for the decision-makers.

● Automation
Say goodbye to manual data entry and updates. OneBusiness solution will take care of these aspects for you. This OneBusiness ERP mitigates the chances of data-entry errors that affect real-time data so that you have the best information possible for the most appropriate business choices.

Aside from that, automation also improves the efficiency of each employee in your Business. This automation will help then feel less stressed and more productive in the designated positions.

● Low Set up and Maintenance Cost
Despite all the benefits and conveniences that you will get from One Business, it will not break your bank. It is a standard set up and maintenance tool that is also very easy to use. Plus, you also get training modules and after-sales services when you avail of the OneBusiness application.

● Enterprise Resource Planning
OneBusiness provides companies with cloud ERP. OneBusiness ERP enables companies to integrate and manage vital parts of their Business, such as Inventory management, Accounting System, Production Planning, Sales and Billing, Project management, and many more.

With this feature, a business can work like a well-oiled machine compared to an entity with several departments that lacks communication.

● Production Planning
Never have stock-outs or overproduction ever again. OneBusiness offers efficient production planning that automates purchase requisitions based on real-time information from your Inventory. Production planning will allow you to handle your resources smartly and efficiently. Plus, you can find all the information that you need on a concise dashboard, so it is very convenient.

Without a doubt, OneBusiness application is a powerful tool that you should integrate into your Business. It provides a holistic solution for various business challenges that you can customize accordingly. If you need a Cloud ERP that is proven to be effective and reliable, OneBusiness is the answer to your problems.

● Online Stores
As an additional feature, OneBusiness ERP comes with a ready to use online store. The online store product display is integrated withOneBusiness Material master. The payment is integrated with ERP accounting. The product delivery/dispatch is integrated with the OneBusiness Inventory Management.