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Every business or organization wants to check and monitor the expenses done by their employees. They need to ensure that the company is complying with regulation and the employees are not spending the money on or buying unnecessary things. The financial process we used to audit this is known as expense management.

In a simpler term, Expense management is an accounting process or a financial process in which a company or an organization can track process, audit, or reimburse employee expenses. The expense management system is helpful for big and small companies to audit the spending and the data related to it. The data can include costs like travel, hotel, mobile phone bill, food, entertainment, etc.

With the expense management module by ‘OneBusiness‘, you can handle the expense management related tasks of your company in the most creative way. This software can help you in a great way to manage the expense claims, authorization, and repayment and audit process.  The expense management system has two main elements that are how a business pays for their items & how they track that spend.

The expense management process includes four types of tasks that are:

Financial Controller

The reason why you should use 'OneBusiness' expense management system in your organization

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Easy to track, audit & Limited Enforcement of Compliance:

OneBusiness Expense Management module's Features & Capabilities

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