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Inward and Outward correspondence

All organisations must deal with deadlines and seek the best possible productivity and an efficient control system to administer the ever-increasing correspondence channels prioritize correspondence management efficiently. OneBusiness Correspondence management solutions are helpful in this situation.

Emails, letters, faxes, invoices, and other forms of correspondence are essential to any agency’s daily operations. However, keeping track of and replying to these correspondences promptly is a challenge.

When correspondence is received, it must be handled appropriately, including forwarding it to the right person or department, sending a response, or archiving it. The effectiveness of an organization is directly influenced by how these communications are managed.

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What is a Correspondence Management System?
A correspondence management system (CMS) increases productivity and efficiency by streamlining an organization’s internal and external communications, allowing officials to focus on more critical activities.
The following are some of the features of a Correspondence Management System:
The majority of commercial correspondence is still written on paper. Therefore, even though the paper-based correspondence is declining, the solution must collect both reports and digital mail.
A correspondence solution must be able to securely and compliantly store both incoming and outgoing correspondence. In addition, for audit purposes, some of the posts will need to be maintained in compliance with industry laws.
A correspondence management system must route correspondence to the most relevant individual or team inside an organization.
A system must generate outgoing communication in either traditional paper or email format, and the output must be customized to the needs of the recipient.
In most cases, correspondence must be accessed through an Enterprise Content Management system. As a result, where applicable, the solution must feature standards-based integration.
Organizations now have limited visibility into their performance when it comes to dealing with business correspondence. Therefore, the solution must provide this information for enterprises to improve their performance and customer service.