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Beacon Mobile App

Various industries are deploying the technology for multiple use-cases, ultimately benefiting consumers. Putting the consumer-first policy of private retail organisations, coupled with beacon technology, has proven to be rather beneficial and trendsetting in increasing the revenue.

According to some reliable statistics, by 2025, the number of beacon deployments is expected to reach 600 million globally.

There is an increase in the usage of the smartphone. Hence the location-based marketing solutions are gaining more importance than ever. We expect Beacons to grow extensively to witness the adoption of the technology. In terms of earnings, beacon technology will bring more revenue.

OneBusiness Beacon App hosts its content in AWS cloud, and we will provide a backend app to upload and maintain the discount coupons, product catalogue and welcome messages.

We can use Beacon Technology for customer engagement in the following sectors:

  1. Tourism Industry
  2. Food Services
  3. Automobile Showrooms
  4. Concert’s venue
  5. Sports-Concerts Venues
  6. Hospitals and Health sector
  7. Entertainment and Cinema
  8. Library

We are explaining here the best uses cases.


Users with our Beacon App can detect the Beacons in the vicinity of 70 m. The Beacon will send welcome messages upon arrival, particular product offers, and the availability of discount coupons. You can provide a QR code for your customers to scan and quickly install the app. With Beacon technology, customer interaction will improve dramatically in a short time.

You can use push notifications to quickly spread offer news to customer’s mobile, provided they had accepted for receiving the push notifications.

Beacons offered the multinational retailer information about their customers’ locations in real-time, including alerts of consumers in the most popular sections and users who lingered for more extended periods.

Beacons provide consumers with an extraordinary experience of getting the information and downloading it to their mobile devices. With the liability of tracing their consumers, Carrefour improved its store displays and offerings to attain customer loyalty and elevate its profitability.

Automobile Showroom

1. Deliver a welcome message and remind them that you have a free vending machine at your dealership while they wait for a representative

Deliver product catalogue to their mobile device when they stand near BMW X3

●Product catalogue related to the car
●Demo Videos
●Current offers and loan details
●How X3 is different from X2 and X5

Interaction with Beacon and the customer’s mobile app will help premium cars where videos, numbers and detailed images can bring about a massive difference, impacting your customer’s mind.

2. Booking a test drive

If a customer spends 5 to 10 minutes near a car, there is a good chance that they have more interest and clue that the customer is trying to explore all features. The Beacon attached to a car

Every agency should concentrate on the way they handle customers with the test drive. With the beacon technology, the dealership can send the test-drive sign up form to their mobile device when completed; customers can send it to the salesperson e-mail id. This process will make the test drive process simple and easy.

Beacons can target the customer segment that has spent around 10 mins near a vehicle and send a notification to confirm the test drive.

3. Periodical offers

Every business should have a data collection that is essential for every business owner’s growth. After knowing what a customer wants, companies can offer special deals via the app. Initially, you can send notifications whenever a customer approaches a car. Beacon and mobile app interface will welcome the customer with a limited-time promotion. However, it can also collect some data for later use.

Sales Conversations

Usually, all car dealerships are closed on Sunday in Australia. Beacon can help to deliver the welcome message to the customers who visit the showroom on Sunday. We can track the devices which received the catalogue on Sunday, and the salesperson can continue monitoring the potential customer on the next working day.

4. Data Analytics

Beacon’s back-end app to a particular vehicle in a dealership can shed more light on the customer’s behavioral pattern.

With the help of beacon and mobile app combination (of course, the backend plays a vital role here)

  1. We can track the Customer movements across the car yard or car display showroom (heat map distribution of the showroom)
  2. Frequency of visits near a particular car model
  3. No of views of a particular car model and its conversion percentage
  4. The actual time or average time spent by customers near a car model