The OneBusiness Asset Accounting Module is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes who want to optimize their daily operations related to asset accounting. With this module, you can easily integrate and automate corporate functions with the OneBusiness application software. The asset accounting solution provided by this module is flexible and user-friendly, making it easy for you to take care of all your assets – movable or immovable.

With OneBusiness, you can be sure that your asset accounting needs are met perfectly!

Some examples of asset accounts

There are lots of examples of asset accounts: some of them are buildings, cash, short-term investments, prepaid expenses, land, inventory, supplies, etc.

Steps to open asset accounting section/module

In asset master, you can create, delete, or edit the asset. Asset master holds the authoritative data maintained by the corporate or an organization. You can view the holdings in tabular form and click on view to see individual asset information. Not only this, OneBusiness software provides you with the option to search assets by date or asset number.
While creating an asset, you can make it’s sub-asset by using this module with create, delete, edit and view options for it
This module enables you to hold the data of assets purchased from the vendor. It gives you the authority to create, edit, view, delete & update the asset information
In asset accounting, you will get the depreciation module where you can add the reduction of the recorded cost of a fixed asset to create the asset depreciation data with all the authority of editing, viewing & deleting.
In our software, we are providing a separate module for your unplanned depreciation. You can manage the data here in tabular form.
In this module, you can maintain the data of removed or retired assets with its scrapped value, date, or asset number.
This module is similar to scrapping full retirement but for the data of partial retirement scraping assets only.
This module enables you to post the entry to account for the retirement of an asset with revenue against a customer.
This module can be used when you are retiring an asset and also mentioning the revenue. It would help if you use this module only when no customer is involved.
This module enables you to post the entries of total assets transferred in tabular form.
You can use this module to add the entries of partial transfer assets only
This module is used to display the detail of all the individual assets.Reasons why you should choose the ‘OneBusiness’ Financial accounting module for your asset accounting

For us, every user is significant to us, so we have designed it in a very user friendly manner.

OneBusiness Financial accounting module provides a great and easy User Interface so anybody can work without taking a lot of time to understand the layout only.
In-case of any customization as per your business needs, you can contact us anytime. We also provide custom changes as per business requirements.
Check your business insights from anywhere with real-time data.
Say NO to costly ERP software, OneBusiness is very economical to implement and run.

It can save a lot of time by using its automated features to handle your accounting problems.

Get real-time data to make end-time strategies.