Agile Methodology

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Agile Methodology

Today, the software development world has taken into the storm by rapidly cementing its place. Agile Methodology is one of its kind that has taken its position as the gold standard of software development. This agile is also the fastest-growing approach that many software development agencies are using. Agile Methodology is trendy nowadays as the changing needs of consumers can be fulfilled.

Through Agile Methodology, solutions and demands evolve with the collaboration of self-organizing and cross-functional teams. The process of Agile Methodology always starts by defining the scope of problems, opportunities, values, and customers. Keeping users or customers in mind, a software developer starts working. This software also describes them as user personas to illustrate roles in a workflow that can specify the customer’s needs and behaviour.

Agile Methodology aims to solve the problems faced by using traditional methods. The problem with conventional approaches is that customers’ processes are changing, and the wrong products are being delivered with this approach. By using Agile Methodology, you can reduce the delivery time, and you can also ensure that the smallest chunks of the products get delivered in the market. As the products will get provided in the market quickly, it enables the customers to give feedback early, and the development finally meets their needs. 

In OneBusiness ERP Solutions, you will get a smooth and easy Agile Methodology aimed to deliver the right products to the market quickly. With our small cross-functional and self-organizing team, you can get frequent customer feedback and course connection which is needed for your products. 

Benefits of Using Agile Methodology

  • Superior Quality Products –For any Agile project management, testing plays a vital role. With the help of Agile, you can get rest assured that the overall quality of your product would be superior. You can also make as many changes depending on the market realities. As you are well aware of the fact that Agile is an intuitive process, the self-organizing team will always get an opportunity to learn and continue improving.
  • Customer Satisfaction – The best part about Agile is that you involve customers in the decision-making process. This method leads to customer retention and getting feedback from them would be easy. Once you start getting feedback, you can make possible changes and deliver it quickly. This procedure also ensures that the final product is provided based on customer feedback and requirements. The go-to-market time gets reduced.
  • Better Control –Due to its transparency, quality control, and feedback integration, the manager gets better control over the projects. As you are well aware of the fact that quality is assured throughout the process, the implementation process works very smoothly. With the help of advanced reporting tools and techniques, you can get daily process reports.
  • Increase Flexibility –Agile gives you better flexibility as you can improve and make the changes anytime you want to. You can work on implementing the feedback of the customers. Due to the flexibility, the product gets delivered faster.
  • Focus on Users –The main aim of Agile is to use the user’s stories so that the business can get the benefit. This approach also focuses on delivering high-quality development, collaboration, and testing. This process will improve your quality and fix the defects as quickly as possible.
  • Utmost Transparency –One best thing about agile is it involves clients and customers throughout the process. This software lets you prioritize the features, review sessions, and planning. Agile also gives you ample opportunities to add new features according to the need of the market and customers.
  • Early Delivery –Agile gives you ample opportunities to solve the problems of the customers and add new features quickly and easily. You can add new features with a high level of predictability that satisfies the needs of customers.

Reasons Why You Should Choose OneBusiness Agile Methodology

  • Our support desk is flexible and automates the process to get quicker results.
  • You will get a list of an issue where you can make some valuable changes in the products before sending it to the market.
  • OneBusiness includes Backlogs in our Agile Methodology where you can add the list of new features, change the existing features, fix some bugs, and some practical activities.
  • OneBusiness includes sprint that will help your team to ship better software with fewer headaches.
  • You will also find Kanban boards where you can visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and here you can maximize the workflow. 
  • With the help of Labels, you can organize and improve your sprint workflow and keep track of the updated story of the product.
  • With the help of Story Points, you can measure and estimate the overall effort to implement backlog items.
  • OneBusiness cloud ERP software also has an epic as part of the agile process.