OneBusiness ERP is einvoicing enabled

What is an e-invoice?

Electronic invoices (sometimes called e-invoicing) transmit standardized and structured invoice data between sender and recipient software in an automated manner directly over a highly secure and controlled network. OneBusiness ERP offers this service to all customers by default. Any invoicing software that supports e-invoicing can interpret data with structured data, significantly increasing process accuracy and security while reducing costs.

No Software?

If you don’t use accounting software doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of electronic invoicing. With OneBusiness ERP, you can enter or upload a CSV file format to submit invoices. So whether you’re filling out paper invoices or electronic forms, we have an app to suit your needs.


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What is the use?

The cost of electronic invoicing is a fraction of the cost of traditional invoicing methods. For example, it costs an estimated $30.87 to process paper invoices and $27.67 to process PDF invoices, and electronic invoices can be 70% cheaper than traditional formats. As a result, an estimated 1.2 billion invoices are sent annually in Australia and New Zealand, resulting in significant cost savings.

Ease of Processing

Automation means less manual data entry. Since the automation of electronic invoicing from system to system, manual data entry is significantly reduced, making invoice processing easier. While you still need to apply your workflow, reducing manual processes saves time in processing all invoices.


Faster Payment Terms

Get paid faster with fewer mistakes. With fewer errors, less administration, and system-to-system delivery, e-invoicing will allow businesses to process and pay invoices faster, significantly reducing payout times. In addition, thanks to improved traceability, you always know where and when invoices are received and processed.