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Now, Freight management has become one of the priorities of logistics and supply chain companies. With the help of this, the whole process of moving freight is done very effectively by reducing unnecessary waste. Why do you need Freight management? Whether you are a prominent scale company owner or you are just starting up your new business, managing your cargo is very complex as well as complicated. If you don’t know what the possible obstacles that are coming in your way are, then it might create a big problem. With the help of freight management, you can pay close attention to the details and focus on everything simultaneously. OneBusiness ERP, the Best ERP India, is famous for providing user-friendly navigation.

This freight management module also ensures smooth and transparent coordination between carriers and shippers. We expect the freight management industry to grow from USD 11.23 to USD 18.35 by 2023. So, if you are all set to handle this all by yourself, then you might end up doing something wrong. With the growth of this industry, many companies have realized the complexity and importance of logistics. This module also includes transportation management and using outsourcing help from external parties. By using outsourcing, you will not only get peace of mind but also delegate a large brunch of business. This action can result in substantial cost savings and operational efficiency. OneBusiness ERP, the best ERP in India, is specialized in providing a configurable solution for freight management.

Speed and efficiency have influenced the entire supply chain of freight management. We can streamline the rate and efficiency through technology, and this also offers a competitive advantage to the logistics providers. To use this, the very first thing that you should do is planning. This planning includes everything from purchasing to goods to storage and delivery. While planning your freight management, the very first thing that you need to make sure that you develop a strategy that gives you minimum delays, and reduces maximum costs. With the help of the software, you can have the ability to control and plan transportation strategies based on the underlying, time-intensive factors. However, there are several parameters that you can consider like operational cost, speed of delivery, and quality of transportation. OneBusiness ERP, the best ERP in India, is specialized in providing a customizable base solution.


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Freight management process

Freight order is all about aggregating all your data, including shipments in one place. This order also includes product information as well as the data, location, and time of arrival. With the help of this system, you can get information about the resources that you have used.
The transfer of the goods from the shipper and deliver it to the origin is known as export haulage. It also includes the time that it covers to deliver the goods through trucks or trains. It mainly depends upon the distance and geography.
The transportation of goods that incurred between carrier from the vendor of freight station or vice versa by truck or rail is known as import haulage.
Information on shipment and the process of delivery is managed by checkpoint reports. However, the shipment owner will define the frequency of the checkpoint report. This transaction gives complete information of cargo goods and the delivery destination.
Whether you need to import or export any commercial cargo, it requires customer clearance. Export customs clearance is a process that obtains permission from a country’s government. With the help of proper documentation, you can able to takes materials or goods out of the sovereign territory.
When you are importing international goods, this also needs clearance. Without the permission of the country’s government, you can’t import any goods or materials. However, the process this quite similar to export customs clearance but import custom clearance is a little bit more involved. This process is due to the need for tax and duty assessment and other payments.

The very first thing that destination handling includes starts with ensuring that we received all the documents at the point of the check out the origin. This module also includes checking some critical documents and even submission of the original bill of landing with the shipping line. After checking, we can retrieve the cargo from the destination. And, it will move further to the destination warehouses.

Having all the documents that you need while importing or exporting goods are essential. There are various documents that you need, like commercial invoices, airway bills, packing lists, and lots more. We make sure that every form that you need is present with us for smooth delivery.

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