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OneBusiness offers an integrated Portfolio to the payment software solution. The application contains a wide range of management modules. OneBusiness ERP, the best Project Management software in India, by default, comes with a graphical user interface.

Best project management tool in Australia OneBusiness Project management software Australia is one of those beneficial tools that make companies as competitive as it can be thus setting them apart from the other industries. This software ensures the accurate, efficient, profitable and predictable accomplishment of the different tasks in a business.

OneBusiness Project Management

OneBusiness Project Management Software

OneBusiness project management software

Main functions of OneBusiness project management software

There are several different types of utilities offered by online project planning software. top project management software in India OneBusiness ERP, the best project management software India (and Australia) is completely integrated with procurement, sales order, portfolio management, project risk management and financial accounting.

Planning of project

OneBusiness top project management module will provide users with the graphical project structure for clarity of the scope of work. The structure will contain project definition(number), phases, tasks, checklists, milestones etc.; The milestone can be used to calculate project progress or as an object for holding the billing percentage. Billing Milestone is one type of billing in OneBusiness ERP that occurs when we complete a task associated with a specific milestone. Milestones are nothing but events that initiate the billing for a sales order. You can bill customers the design activity has been completed, or procurement has started. The milestone type should be billing milestone, and it should hold the % of the billing amount. Milestones will have to have actual dates to trigger billing in the OneBusiness sales order.

With OneBusiness project management system, it becomes easy for a business to plan out projects while considering past track record easily.
As a project manager, after finalising the project structure, you can start building up the cost planning, project scheduling and resource planning for a project.

Project cost planning will include material and labour costs. It will have the facility to track costs under a different heading, including miscellaneous and contingency expenses.
The planned cost will form the basis for later budget allocation under the Budget Management of your project.

Resource Planning is an essential aspect of Project Planning. Assignment of tasks to team members and timesheet entry is essential to ensure the work is performed and the efforts and hence the costs are captured.
Users can enter a timesheet only if they are assigned with some tasks.

Project Management Dashboard


Tracking the reports of a project regarding time, completion, and cost

OneBusiness the best online project management software India helps in cautioning the right set of people when things deviate off track. This feature helps a business to prevent any risks that are likely to occur.

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Project Management Modules

It has many features, notably, the important ones are Dashboards, Project definition, project structure, phase management, task, checklists, cost planning, resource planning and cost forecasting.OneBusiness ERP, the best Project Management system India and Australia. It has all the essential business functions tightly integrated with your project management.

Project Dashboard where users can view all the projects and access directly.

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Project Structure graphics where users can see the complete breakdown of all their project tasks.

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Cost Forecasting of OneBusiness, is a transaction where users can create, view and adjust cost forecasts. During a project, variances occur between the original plan cost and the actual cost of the project. Use OneBusiness cost forecast to change the pattern of the expenses in the project.

Once the first actual costs recorded for the current month, you will find it easy to adjust/ update the figures for the forecast. For the previous months, the estimates will become equal to actual cost. The system will push the surplus unspent amount to the next month. OneBusiness ERP cost forecast is a simple transaction for maintaining the cost forecast.

This cost forecasting is the method to save a copy of the cost forecast during a project’s duration. The cost forecast is a procedure project manager can use to forecast expenditure to aid cash flow planning.

The distributed planned cost will be the basis for the OneBusiness cost forecast. Users can carry out the cost forecast at any time for one project in this transaction. To this end, the system will copy the updated actual. You can perform cost forecasts on a monthly basis.

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Project Resource Planning

OneBusiness Project Resource planning function is an excellent sub-module and allows users to do resource planning in a detail.

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